Blood Clot Support Group

Sep 19 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Please note all event times are Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Have you been diagnosed with blood clots? 

After experiencing a blood clot, it’s normal to have a lot of questions. Many people are left feeling confused about why this happened to them and anxious about it happening again. NATF is here to be your support system.

Support groups can be very beneficial to patients. NATF’s Blood Clot support groups allow patients to:

  • Find accurate information about blood clots
  • Share with others first-hand experiences
  • Help one another cope with the physical and psychological challenges of a clot

We’re pleased to offer a virtual support group experience where patients can share their stories, connect with others who have had blood clots, and receive emotional support. This group is hosted by Joelle Hochman, RRT, NATF’s Chair of Patient Engagement & Education.

A clinician will ​also be available​ in each support group to answer general questions about blood clots. Please note ​t​hat our clinician guests cannot provide personalized medical advice​.