Managing Nosebleeds When You’re on Anticoagulation

In this episode of Patient Pulse, Dr. Melissa Pynnonen, a Professor of Otolaryngology and Medical Director at University of Michigan, discusses how to manage nuisance nosebleeds. Nuisance bleeding is a common side effect in patients on anticoagulation but usually isn’t life-threatening. 

Dr. Pynnonen covers: 

  • How to identify a major vs. minor nosebleed
  • How to treat a nosebleed
  • When to call a specialist or your anticoagulant provider
Some take-home points:
  • Nuisance nosebleeds can often be treated at home
  • Do NOT stop taking your anticoagulant (blood thinner) unless directed by your healthcare provider
  • Call your anticoagulant provider to discuss next steps if you have a major nosebleed (or frequent nosebleeds)
  • If you have frequent nosebleeds, see an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist

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