Blood clots in the veins can be dangerous or even life-threatening if left untreated. It’s important to know the signs and symptoms so you can seek medical care when necessary.

Some of these conditions are common in other conditions too, so it’s very important to see your doctor if you have any of these symptoms. Do not try to diagnose yourself!

Signs of a Deep Vein Thrombosis (“DVT”):Signs of a Pulmonary Embolism (“PE”):
– Swelling of the legs, ankles, feet, arms, or forearms
– Pain, tenderness, itching, or warmth in the legs, thighs, or arms
– Changes in skin color, which can appear as a dusky bluish/purple color
– Shortness of breath
– Chest pain
– Cough or coughing up blood
– Fast heart rate
– Dizziness

To learn more about blood clot signs & symptoms and tips for telling a DVT apart from a sore muscle, please visit Symptoms of a Blood Clot.

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