COVID-19 and Blood Clots: 2022 Update

This month, we welcome Dr. Behnood Bikdeli for an update on where we are with COVID-19. Dr. Bikdeli joins us from Brigham and Women’s Hospital where he is a Vascular Medicine Advanced Fellow. He is a cardiologist and clinician-investigator interested in thrombotic venous and arterial vascular diseases. He is a coauthor for more than 120 published manuscripts, and his research focuses on outcomes research, epidemiology, and comparative effectiveness research related to thrombosis and antithrombotic therapy.

In this webinar, Dr. Bikdeli discusses: 

  • An update on where we are with COVID-19
  • What we know so far about the new Omicron variant and its relationship to blood clots
  • How new antiviral and anti-inflammatory medications may be helping patients suffer fewer blood clots
  • Why there are more questions now than ever before about COVID

Key Takeaways:

  • Blood clotting events are down possibly do to preventative therapies
  • Corticosteroids, which are anti-inflammatory drugs, are now a mainstay of treatment
  • Those who are vaccinated are at less risk of adverse events (such as blood clots) from COVID-19
  • The minimal risk of vaccination is far outweighed by the benefits with reduction of the risk of blood clots and other adverse events with COVID-19

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