Cholesterol Conversations: Episode 2

How Do We Get There from Here? Partnering with Patients to Achieve LDL Goals

In this episode of Cholesterol Conversations, Drs. Marc Bonaca, Pam Taub, and Heather Johnson discuss how multiagent therapy can improve the provision of care in the real world. Covered topics include new data from the 2023 ACC Scientific Sessions on the efficacy of novel agents and the role of combination therapy, as well as the importance of shared decision-making and keys to managing high-risk populations.

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Marc P. Bonaca, MD, MPH
Executive Director, CPC Clinical Research
William R. Hiatt Endowed Chair in Cardiovascular Research
Professor of Medicine, Cardiology & Vascular Medicine
Director of Vascular Research, University of Colorado SOM

Marc Bonaca is a cardiologist and vascular medicine specialist who serves as the Executive Director of CPC Clinical Research and CPC Community Health, an academic research organization created by and affiliated with the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. He is the Director of Vascular Research and a Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and the inaugural holder of the William R. Hiatt Endowed Chair in Cardiovascular Research. CPC is a core resource of the University of Colorado research and community outreach infrastructure.

Dr. Bonaca’s key areas of interest include patients with peripheral artery disease, polyvascular disease, and diabetes, with a focus on the breadth of risk including ischemic limb outcomes, microvascular complications, and major adverse cardiovascular events. In addition, he is actively investigating the cardiac, vascular, and thrombotic complications associated with novel oncologic therapies.


Heather Johnson, MD, MS
Preventive Cardiologist, Christine E. Lynn Women’s Health & Wellness Institute
Baptist Health South Florida
Clinical Affiliate Associate Professor of Cardiology, Department of Medicine
Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine, Florida Atlantic University

Dr. Johnson is a leader in population health, heart disease prevention, and women’s health with over 50 research publications. She is active with multiple medical organizations including the American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology, American Society of Preventive Cardiology, and WomenHeart. Dr. Johnson is a guest medical expert on television newscasts, radio shows, and podcasts. She has received numerous awards.


Pam Taub, MD
Director of Step Family Foundation Cardiovascular Rehabilitation and Wellness Center
Professor of Medicine
UC San Diego Health System
Division of Cardiovascular Medicine

Dr. Taub is a board-certified cardiologist and founding director of the Step Family Foundation Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness Center and Professor of Medicine at UC San Diego. Dr. Taub was responsible for all aspects of creating the center, which provides a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program for patients with established heart disease.
Her clinical practice focuses on preventive cardiology, lipidology, and women’s cardiovascular health. Her research focuses on assessing the impact of behavioral, technological, and pharmacological
interventions on cardiometabolic disease. Dr. Taub is an experienced clinical trialist and serves on the executive committee for multiple international clinical trials focused on novel cardiovascular therapies.
Dr. Taub is widely published (with over 100 publications) and has authored high-impact publications in top peer-reviewed journals, including Cell Metabolism and the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.
Dr. Taub holds multiple leadership positions in professional societies, serving as a fellow and board member for the American Society of Preventive Cardiology. She is a fellow and member of the American College of Cardiology Prevention of CV Disease Section Leadership Council. She also serves on the American Heart Association Council on Clinical Cardiology (Women in Cardiology Committee).

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