Have you or someone you’re caring for ever had a pulmonary embolism (PE)?

If so, this webinar series is for you!

In a small number of patients who’ve had blood clots in their lungs (also known as a pulmonary embolism, or PE), the clots don’t go away. These patients can be at risk of developing CTEPH, or Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension. CTEPH can be deadly, but is curable!

This webinar series hosted by Dr. William Auger and the North American Thrombosis Forum are a 3-part series that covers what CTEPH is, who is at risk, and what diagnosis & treatment for this condition look like.

Part 1: CTEPH 101: Am I At Risk?
Dr. Kim Kerr & Dr. William Auger discuss “CTEPH 101: Am I At Risk?” This webinar & interactive QA session covered what CTEPH is, and who is at risk of developing this condition.

Part 2: How is CTEPH Diagnosed?
Dr. Gustavo Heresi and Dr. Anjali Vaidya discuss “How is CTEPH Diagnosed?This webinar & interactive QA session covered how CTEPH and CTEPD are diagnosed & signs and symptoms to be aware of.

Part 3: Medications, Surgery and Catheters, oh my – CTEPH Treatment Options
Dr. Richard Channick and Dr. Todd Bull present “Medications, Surgery, and Catheters, oh my – CTEPH Treatment“. This webinar & interactive QA session covered treatment options for patients with CTEPH, and what happens after a CTEPH diagnosis is made.

Thank you to our program sponsor, Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems.