Please help spread the word about NATF’s patient toolkit, Transgender Health and Blood Clot Risk: What You Should Know.

About the Toolkit:

This toolkit aims to educate patients & caregivers about the link between blood clots and gender-affirming care. The key messages from this toolkit are that the risk for blood clots IS not and SHOULD not be a barrier to gender-affirming care, and that transgender-care is lifesaving care.

Ways to Promote:

  • Social Media: Help spread the word about this toolkit with a share, repost, or a recommendation post highlighting the importance of our resources.
  • Email Distribution: If you have access to a distribution list or a newsletter of patients in the transgender community, add a blurb about this toolkit and its objectives. This will help us directly reach a targeted and interested audience.
  • Professional Networks: Mention this toolkit during relevant professional events, conferences, or discussions where the topic of hormone therapies, transgender healthcare, barriers to gender-affirming surgery, or even blood clot risks arises.
  • Personal Recommendations: Reach out to personal connections who may benefit from information about gender-affirming treatment. Share this toolkit and encourage them to explore the content available.


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