Warfarin Isn’t Going Away

In this episode of Patient Pulse, Dr. Elaine Hylek from Boston Medical Center covers an important topic for DVT Awareness Month: “Warfarin Isn’t Going Away.” Many patients still take warfarin for blood clot prevention and treatment, even though newer agents are available. Dr. Hylek explores the many reasons why warfarin is still an important, and commonly used, medication.

Some take-home points: 
  • There are patients who can only take warfarin for blood clot prevention and treatment. Direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) aren’t approved for use in patients with certain conditions. 
  • Warfarin is often less expensive than DOACs (depending on your insurance plan).
  • Some studies have shown less stomach bleeding with warfarin vs. DOACs.
  • There are some knowledge gaps with DOACs — long-term effects are unclear.
For more information on warfarin and the DOACs, please see NATF’s Anticoagulant Comparison Chart. The chart is a great tool to review with your doctor or healthcare provider when discussing your medication options.

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