Saving Lives, One Campaign at a Time

In 2014, Manu “Shaq” Williams passed away from a blood clot at age 36, leaving behind the love of his life, Christina Martin. Since Manu’s passing, Christina has dedicated herself to educating people about thrombosis. She founded M.A.W. Charity Events in 2015, an organization that hosts events to raise money for blood clot awareness.

Christina and Manu

Last month, Christina led a robust online campaign for Blood Clot Awareness Month to raise money for NATF in Manu’s memory. The NATF Board and Staff want to sincerely thank Christina for her efforts. We applaud the lifechanging work that she’s doing!

Please visit if you’d like to donate to Christina’s campaign!

*Originally published in The Beat – April 2021. Read the full newsletter here.

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