Newsworthy Notes from the Third Annual NATF Board Retreat

In late April, the NATF Board of Directors, Medical Advisory Board, and Staff came together for a productive—and fun!—two days to discuss our digital strategy.

During our meeting, we gained key insights on…

  • How we want the world to view NATF – and through which channels
  • How to better communicate the “related diseases” part of our mission statement*
  • Defining features of our core target markets (patients, clinicians, and sponsors/funders)
  • The value of social media for communicating awareness and education around blood clots and related diseases

After the meeting concluded, we squeezed in some cardio and strength training by rowing down a river for several miles and competing in a “River Rodeo”!

A huge thank you to the NATF Board of Directors and Medical Advisory Board for their ongoing passion, dedication, and support of NATF and our mission.

*You can read more about this here.

*Originally published in The Beat — June 2024. Read the full newsletter here.

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