Home INR Monitoring

This month, we welcome Marilyn Hill, PharmD, to talk about a topic that has become popular among patients that need to monitor their INR. Marilyn Hill is a pharmacist and Ambulatory Pharmacy Manager. She has system-level oversight of ambulatory pharmacists in primary care clinics and the clinical operations of centralized anticoagulation services. She has a strong interest in process improvement and advocacy, and has coauthored legislation to decrease barriers to pharmacist-provided services in the state of New Hampshire.

In this webinar, Marilyn Hill discusses: 

  • How to know if you are a good candidate for home INR monitoring
  • How to sign up for home INR monitoring
  • What happens if your INR is out of range and who you should contact with problems/concerns

Key Takeaways:

  • Your anticoagulation clinic or warfarin prescriber will need to start the process for you of signing up
  • You need to qualify with your insurance company before getting the INR machine
  • If your INR is out of range, it is important to contact your anticoagulation clinic or the doctor who manages your warfarin
  • Call 911 if you need urgent medical care
  • Everyone is on your team!

Want to learn more?

Read more about home INR testing here.

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