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Jody Boothe is a highly experienced Administrative Assistant with 5+ years of expertise. She is admired for her integrity, compassion, and her unwavering commitment to providing top-notch service. As the administrative assistant at NATF, Jody works closely with the directors to plan and coordinate projects and events. She serves as a bridge between NATF and the public, serving as the primary point of contact for external offices and organizations. Jody’s role also involves coordinating various activities, meetings, conferences, and workshops. 

Jody has been a member of NATF since 2023, bringing with her valuable experience from her previous positions at the University of Massachusetts and the International College of Christian Ministries. With her exceptional skills and knowledge, Jody excels in her current role. She has a strong passion for event planning and has successfully coordinated various events for Boston Disciples non-profit ministries over the last three years. Jody has also been a dedicated volunteer for Maximizing Effort for Relief Care and Youth (MERCY) Worldwide for over a decade, participating in events across different cities such as Boston, New York, Paris, France, and Lagos, Nigeria.

Jody’s commitment to helping others goes beyond her work and volunteer obligations. In her spare time, she seeks out activities that test her both physically and mentally. Whether it’s playing billiards, bowling, jogging along the Charles River, or exploring theme parks and riding the most thrilling roller coasters.