My LDL is Off the Charts! What Should I Do? An Update on Cholesterol-Lowering Options

In this episode of Patient Pulse, Dr. Seth Martin, an Associate Professor of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, joins us for a 2020 update on cholesterol-lowering therapies.

In this overview, Dr. Martin discusses:

  • Cholesterol’s function in the body
  • How LDL cholesterol can lead to heart disease
  • Tried-and-true therapies (such as statins)
  • Newer treatment options
  • Therapies on the horizon
Some take-home points:
  • Too much cholesterol in the blood contributes to atherosclerosis and raises the risk of heart disease
  • A healthy lifestyle is the foundation of risk reduction
  • Statin medications are safe, effective and low-cost
  • There are now multiple non-statin medication options if lifestyle changes and statins aren’t enough
  • Engage in a shared decision-making discussion with your clinician to help you weigh your options

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